We are the Musgraves

Shelby Musgrave

Lead Photographer, Editor

Ty Musgrave

Assistant, Second Shooter


There are not many under-appreciated art forms left on our planet. We believe photography is one of them. Think about it; everybody carries a camera in their pocket, and lots of people take advantage of that. What we do at Pine + Joy is take a photo and give it the emotion of the moment.

With years of experience behind the lens and a pair of hearts larger than our home state of New Jersey; we provide joy directly to you (from the Pines) in the form of a moment frozen in time - for all eternity - a moment that is uniquely yours.

We’ve all been there...sitting around the table with friends, family, whomever...and they ask “remember that time?”

We can freeze that time and make it more than a memory. 

We all have our family, friends and memories; we would love to be part of yours.

Remember that time?

We do.